Concrete Mixer

At Metheny Concrete we have the best concrete mixers in the state! With 35 mixers we have many mixers for small or big projects alike. A concrete mixer combines the cement, aggregate, and water to form concrete. The mixer uses a revolving drum to mix all the components. With the best mixers and components in the state Metheny Concrete is a company you can trust.

Haul Trucks

We have 6 haul trucks that we use to bring material to your building site. Please make sure there is a minumum of 10 feet of wide space to back up to and drop the material off at. With 6 haul trucks Metheny Concrete is ready for any big or small concrete project.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks that can carry a load of concrete for up to an hour before dumping it, we have dump trucks that can prove to be advantagous for many concrete pours. Besided concrete, we can also transport rock and other materials needed for a pour.With 4 dump trucks available for use we can handle small or large concrete construction projects.